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Automated chart pattern recognition

Price targets for 16 trading patterns

Preset signals

Tens of preset coin filters

Coin screener

Filter coins based on technical and fundamental indicators


Alerts for price, events, news, and coin filters

News and Events

News and major events on thousands of coins

Portfolio management

Monitor coins and performance across exchanges


Trade across multiple exchanges with unified order management

Automated Cryptocurrency Chart Pattern Recognition

Automated chart pattern recognition

  • The only crypto platform to automatically identify 16 trading patterns
  • Wedges, triangles, head and shoulders, channels, support, resistance, etc.
  • Price targets
  • Works across multiple time intervals (15m, 1h, 4h, 1d)

Preset signals

  • Tens of preset coin filters
  • Find coins in Up- or Down-trend
  • Moving average crossovers
  • Coins with momentum breakout
  • Coins making new highs or lows
  • Proprietary scoring of price trends
Cryptocurrency signals

cryptocurrency screener
Coin screener

  • Create and save custom coin filters
  • Get alerts on custom filters
  • Filter coins based on 60+ technical and fundamental indicators
  • Filter coins based on chart patterns
  • Find bullish or bearish crossovers of moving averages
  • 5 time intervals (15m, 1h, 4h, 12h, 1d)


  • Price alerts
  • Alerts on price % change
  • Alerts on coins breaking out
  • Alerts on coins with momentum
  • Get alerts on coins based on your custom or preset filters
Cryptocurrency alerts

cryptocurrency charts

  • Grid charts
  • Quickly review filter results in multiple charts
  • Overlay price trends with technical indicators
  • See your portfolio trades in charts
  • Save your custom chart setting
  • See past events in charts
  • 5 time intervals (15m, 1h, 4h, 12h, 1d)

News and Events

  • Twitter news feed on over a thousand coins
  • Search by coin or watchlist
  • Receive news alerts on your portfolio or watchlist
  • Past and future events for coins
  • Events include exchange (de)listings, mainnet launches, partnerships, AMA, and airdrops.
Cryptocurrency News and Events

cryptocurrency portfolio
Portfolio management

  • Chart portfolio composition by exchanges and coins
  • Import trade history from exchanges
  • Monitor open positions’ profit and loss (coming soon)
  • Calculate historical portfolio performance (coming soon)
  • Review key trading and risk metrics (coming soon)


  • Trade across multiple exchanges with unified trade management interface
  • Currently integrated with Binance ~ Bitfinex ~ Bittrex ~ HitBTC ~ Kraken ~ Poloniex
  • Coming in 1H 2021: Coinbase ~ LMAX ~ KuCoin ~ OKEx ~ Huobi
  • Conditional order types (Limit or Stop)
cryptocurrency trading