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Welcome to our Knowledge Base.

Our extensive knowledge base includes detailed explanations, practical examples and tutorial videos to help you take advantage of all the basic and advanced features, thus helping you become a successful trader.

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Our knowledge base is organized into sections that correspond with the platform's major modules:

  • Dashboard
  • Signals Summary - summary of pre-defined and your custom filters (i.e. signals)
  • Screener - filter thousands of crypto assets using combinations of technical indicators
  • Patterns - find assets with tradable price patterns (rising wedge, head-n-shoulders, etc.)
  • Watchlist - track your favorite crypto assets
  • Alerts - set up alerts for your custom screens
  • Twitter news - tweets from crypto project teams
  • Portfolio - track the performance of your portfolio, open orders and transaction history across multiple exchanges
  • Trade - trade crypto across multiple exchanges

It also expands on certain other key concepts:

  • Data structure - unique ability to drill down from Coin level aggregations to Pair and Asset level granular data from 18 major crypto exchanges
  • Security - our commitment to securing our platform, including your exchange API keys
  • Technical indicators - detailed description of commonly used technical indicators (SMA, EMA, RSI, MACD, OBV, etc.) and strategies for trading crypto asset