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Connecting to exchanges

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Use API connections to become a more efficient trader.

Traders can use altFINS’ many features even without connecting to supported exchanges, including run screens, alerts, watchlists and Twitter news.  However, if you want to track your portolio and trade coins across multiple exchanges, you’ll need to connect your altFINS account with your exchange accounts.

You can easily connect your altFINS account to your exchange accounts via API connections.  All exchanges offer their users the ability to create an API connection so that they can use third party tools to trade and monitor their positions.

Connecting with your exchanges through APIs will enable you to:

  • Monitor your portfolio of coins across multiple exchanges from a single place (altFINS Dashboard and Portfolio tab)
  • Trade assets across multiple exchanges from a single place (altFINS Trade tab)
  • Create alerts on your portfolio positions (altFINS Screener and Alerts tabs)

Currently we enable API connectivity with the following exchanges.

  1. Binance (see how to connect)
  2. Bitfinex (see how to connect)
  3. Bittrex (see how to connect)
  4. HitBTC (see how to connect)
  5. Kraken (see how to connect)
  6. Poloniex (see how to connect)

Important: when setting up an API key on an exchange, DO NOT select “withdrawals”.  Only provide access for trading and account information.  This minimizes security risks for you.

To request integration with another exchange, please email us at [email protected]