Push Alerts Notifications on Mobile App

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Push Alerts Notifications on Mobile App


altFINS provides real-time alerts through push notifications on the mobile app to keep users informed about market changes and investment opportunities.

If you haven’t yet installed the altFINS mobile app, simply scan the provided QR code to get started with the download.

If you already have altFINS mobile app on your phone and don’t receive push notification alerts, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that “Notifications” are enabled for the app.
  • If you’re not receiving push notifications despite having enabled settings, try reinstalling the altFINS mobile app.

! If the issue persists, contact altFINS support for further assistance. Provide details about your device, the app version, and the specific problem encountered.

Would you like to continue receiving email alert notifications as well?

Head to your Profile page and select Email Notification. If you prefer receiving only email notifications, you can deselect Push notifications.

What kind of alerts can you set up on altFINS?

1. Simple Price alerts

An easy way to set alerts for specific prices or percentage changes. Check out our tutorial video to see how it works.

Simple price alerts are especially handy when using trade setups for technical analysis on the top 60 altcoins. It helps you set alerts for key support or resistance levels, so you’ll get notified when prices break through these crucial points.


2. Filter alerts

For filter alerts, the process typically begins by creating a filter on the crypto screener. Traders can use Pre-Set Filters or customize their own (New Filter). Afterward, alerts can be generated from these filter by clicking on the alert icon (see image below).

It’s crucial to note the time interval specificity when creating alerts, ensuring they align with the desired timeframe. For instance, selecting a 1-hour interval for identifying bullish EMA (10) / EMA (20) crossovers will result in receiving hourly alert emails specifically for that screen and interval.

This tutorial video shows how to create an alert for MACD Buy/Sell crossover signals for ADA coin.


3. Chart Pattern alerts

You can set up alerts based on chart patterns by configuring their type, result, and pattern direction. Read this step-by-step guide.

4. Candlestick Patterns alerts

Get alerted for 30 candlestick patterns (Shooting Start, Inverted Hammer, Bullish Harami, Evening Star, etc.)  Read this guide.


Crypto alerts are a powerful feature on altFINS platform. The Alerts Management area provides complete control over these crypto alerts.

Stay in the loop with push notifications and never miss a beat!