Does altFINS has a Referral Program?

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Does altFINS has a Referral Program?

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Crypto Affiliate Program

YES! altFINS has a Referral Program.

Join altFINS Crypto Affiliate Referral Program and earn recurring income!


altFINS is looking for anyone who aligns with our mission and values to promote our platform and content.  Help us share our content and spread the word about crypto in your community.


Why you should join altFINS referral program?

  • altFINS is a valuable crypto analytics platform- you can share a trading ideas, charts, news, analysis with your friends and followers, they will appreciate that
  • Commission rate is high (20%)
  • You will get  lifetime recurring commissions


How does it work?

It’s pretty simple, actually—become an Affiliate in three quick steps.

  • Sign up and generate your own unique referral link.
  • Share your link on social media, blogs, and websites.
  • Get 20% lifetime recurring commissions for every payment your referrals make.

Watch short video, how to become an Affiliate.