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Registered user benefits

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altFINS is currently free to all users.  You don’t have to register to use the product.  However, registered users gain additional powerful features:

  • Customize your settings – the system will remember your preferences
  • Dashboard – quick performance summary of your portfolio (or watchlist), trade crypto signals and Twitter news just for your portfolio (or watchlist)
  • Crypto Screener – create and save your custom filters
  • Patterns – see up to 6 chart patterns vs 3 chart patterns for un-registered users
  • Alerts – create custom alerts for your filters and portfolio (or watchlist) of coins
  • Portfolio and watchlist – ability to track your coin positions, performance, and Twitter news
  • Trading – trade across multiple exchanges from a single point
  • Newsletter – receive daily crypto trading signals and snapshots of your portfolio (or watchlist) and the overall market


Registration is FREE and simple.  You just need an email and password, and you can unlock powerful features to make your trading more successful and efficient.