Category - Getting started with altFINS

altFINS Platform

altFINS platform is a tool for active crypto traders and investors (HODLers). 

  • Makes you more efficient by enabling you to monitor your coin positions and trade across multiple exchanges
  • Find trading ideas and create your own trading signals
  • Learn trading using technical analysis
  • Saves you time with scanning the crypto exchanges for trading ideas

How do we do it?

altFINS ingests real-time price and volume data from 18 top tier crypto exchanges, selected for their data transparency and trade volumes.  It then calculates technical indicators commonly used by traders to identify in cryptocurrency trending prices including SMA, EMA, MACD, RSI, OBV, Bollinger bands, Ultimate oscillator, Stockastic, etc.  altFINS platform calculates these indicators across 5 time intervals (15m, 1h, 4h, 12h, 1d).

Moreover, the platform automatically detects and flags certain trading patterns (wedges, triangles, head and shoulders, etc.).

Main components of altFINS platform:

  • Dashboard
  • Cryptocurrencies Screener
  • Chart Patterns
  • Charting
  • Alerts
  • Twitter News $ Events
  • Portfolio and Watchlist
  • Cryptocurrencies Trading