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Crypto Signals Summary

Crypto Signals Summary is great starting point for discovering trading opportunities. It contains a list of cryptocurrency pairs that fit a bullish or bearish pattern for commonly used technical indicators or combinations.

For example, the “Strong Up / Down Trend” trade signal shows all cryptocurrency pairs that are exhibiting a strong up or down trend.  And we count these pairs for four time intervals (1h, 4h, 12h, 1d).  In the example below, there are 21 pairs that are in a Strong Up trend based on daily (1d) time interval (using daily price candles).

Also, if you create and save a custom screens (must be a registered user), these will automatically appear at the top of the Crypto Signals Summary table and provide you with a quick shortcut to the results.

Clicking through will take you to the Screener with the results (list of Pairs that fit the criteria).  You can then adjust the Screener criteria further by adding additional indicators or variables like min market cap, traded volume, or price change.