Uptrend and Fresh Bullish Momentum Inflection

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Uptrend and Fresh Bullish Momentum Inflection

Uptrend and Fresh Bullish Momentum Inflection

Watch a tutorial video: Explanation of a trade setup that we call Uptrend and Fresh Bullish Momentum.


This is a trend trading strategy that uses MACD Histogram indicator to time your entry and exit.


Coins in this trading strategy are in an Uptrend and also early in their upswing (fresh positive momentum).


You can find an already predefined market scan right on our Market Highlights dashboard:



1. First, we identify coins in an uptrend. (see table above: MT – Medium Trend – Up or Strong Up). This is a cardinal rule for trading – trade with the trend. Trend is your friend. Identifying the trend is half the battle. It’s a big contributor to successful and profitable trading.
2. ​Second, identify those that have a  fresh bullish momentum inflection. (see table above: MACD Hist is Up). That’s because prices move in up and down swings. Even in an Uptrend, you will find that prices don’t move upwards in a straight line. Instead, they naturally swing up and down.


To identify such bullish momentum upswing early, we use the MACD Histogram indicator. It’s a great way to find such momentum inflection early on. To find out what is MACD, please check out our knowledge base for a video tutorial here.


When MACD Histogram bars stop declining and begin to rise again, that indicates a positive or bullish change in price momentum.

That’s a potentially attractive entry point for trend traders. Try this powerful trading set up now!