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New Dashboard: Market Highlights

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altFINS had  released a new Market Highlights dashboard !

It’s a huge time saver and full of potential crypto trade opportunities.

Check out this quick tutorial video on Market Highlights dashboard.

It includes several crypto market scans that form a basis of trend or swing trading strategies such as:

  • Coins with bullish breakouts from trading patterns
  • Coins in a strong uptrend
  • Coins experiencing a pullback in uptrend (buy dips)
  • Coins with fresh bullish momentum upswing
  • Coins that are extremely oversold, due for a bounce
  • Coins hitting new local highs

Each widget represents a specific market scan and you can use them as building blocks for your strategies, either trend or swing trading strategies.

Also check out the description of each trading strategy with links to knowledge base articles, tutorial or education videos.

Great learning opportunity along with our Trading Education course.