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Traders can use the Screener to discover trading opportunities. 

altFINS includes many pre-defined trading signals, or you can set-up your own custom screens using combinations of technical indicators (SMA, EMA, RSI, MACD…) and variables like market cap, traded volume, and price performance.

As a registered user, you can also save your custom filters and set alerts, so that the system alerts you of assets that fit your filter criteria (via email).

It’s important that you chose which level you’re working in: Coins > Pairs > Assets .  For screening, we recommend the Pairs level because it aggregates price and volume data across multiple exchanges and therefore offers a more complete supply/demand picture of the price action (technical analysis).  Especially for the less liquid assets, the Pairs level is recommended.  You can always later drill dow to Assets level from the Pairs.

Screener results are organized into six tabs: overview, charts, scorecards, performance, trend and oscillators.  You can add columns (indicators, data) to these columns; the system will save your preferences, if you’re a registered user.  Registration is free.

Beware of which time interval you’re working with.  You can change the interval even after you create and run a screen.

Here are examples of pre-defined screens that you case use as a starting point for building your own custom screens.