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Find SMA crossover signals

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SMA Crossover

Simple Moving Average (SMA crossover) and Exponential Moving Average (EMA) crossovers are powerful crypto signals for assessing price trends.

MA cross occurs when a short-term MA crosses the long-term MA, either above (bullish, uptrend) or below (bearish, downtrend).  altFINS allows you to compare SMAs and EMAs.

For instance, you can find coins where 12-day EMA has crossed the 50-day EMA.  Or when price crosses above or below 12-day EMA.

Here’s an example – notice how 12-day EMA (light green) crossed over 50-day EMA (brown) to indicate a bullish trend change:

You can also combine multiple MA crosses (5/10, 5/20, 5/30, or 5/10, 10/20, 20/30, etc.) to strengthen the signal power of your screen.

Traders can find many pre-defined SMA and EMA crossover filters in altFINS’ Signals Summary section.

SMA crossovers

Here’s a tutorial video on how to create your own custom filter for SMA or EMA crossovers.  When you define a crossover, you can indicate when the crossover happened – 1 interval to 5 intervals ago.  If you’re on a 1D (daily) time interval, then selecting 5 intervals would indicate that the crossover happened within the last 5 days.

You can find more tutorial videos for custom filters here.