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Create a signal or filter

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You can create your own screen (filter) using the Screener, save it and set up an alert to create a signal. 

It’s important that you chose which level you’re working in: Coins > Pairs > Assets.  For screening, we recommend the Pairs level because it aggregates price and volume data across multiple exchanges and therefore offers a more complete supply/demand picture of the price action (technical analysis).  Especially for the less liquid assets, the Pairs level is recommended.  You can always later drill dow from Pairs level to Assets level (specific exchange).

Beware of which time interval you’re working with.  When you create an alert, it will work with that specific time interval only.  So if you wanna be notified of Pairs with a EMA (10) / EMA (20) crossover on 1h time interval, make sure you select that interval.  You will then receive an hourly update with results for your screen.

Examples for custom screener: