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Set up a watchlist

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Watchlist is a list of Coins, Pairs or Assets that you want to monitor separately and it allows you to quickly narrow your analysis to your ‘favorites’. 

You can add items to your watchlist from Screen results or directly on a Watchlist tab. 

To add to your watchlist from Screen results, go to Screener tab and select either Coins or Pairs or Assets tab.  You can either look up by name (Bitcoin or BTC/USD or BTC/ETH, etc.) or simply create a filter and then add from the results to your watchlist.  When you select an item in your screen results, a side panel will slide out with a Detail view.  Click on the star icon to add to or remove from watchlist.

Once you have populated your Watchlist, you can run filters just for that Watchlist.






Notice that you have three watchlist options: Coins watchlist (ETH, ADA, EOS), Pairs watchlist (ETH / USD, ETH / LTC), Assets watchlist (ETH / USD on Binance, ETH / USD on Bitfinex, etc.).

Read an explanation of Coins vs. Pairs vs. Assets data structure to understand the differences.