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Create an alert

Crypto alerts are a powerful feature on altFINS platform.

! New feature: Traders now have the power to customize alerts tailored specifically to their watchlist or portfolio coins. Learn more in the article. 

What kind of alerts can be set up on altFINS?

Traders can create simple price alerts, more complex alerts, and chart pattern alerts on altFINS platform.

These alerts can be received through push notifications on mobile apps, via email, and directly on the website.

Traders can easily create an alert crypto for simple trading signals like BTC / USDT price reaching a certain level, or a complex screen with combinations of technical indicators (price / SMA crossovers and RSI value, etc.).

Setting price alert crypto level or price % change alerts is simple and quick. This is particularly useful for monitoring resistance breakouts or support breakdowns. Once you identify resistance and support levels, you can set your crypto price alerts.


Creating more complex crypto alerts starts with creating a screen. Use a pre-defined screen or create your own custom screen and then create an alert from it. See our tutorial videos below.

Important: beware of which time interval you’re working with for your screen and crypto alerts. When you create an alert, it will work with that specific time interval only. So if you want to be notified of trading pairs with a bullish EMA (10) / EMA (20) crossover on 1h time interval, make sure you select 1h interval. You will then receive hourly alert emails with results for that screen.

Alerts Management area gives you full control of your crypto alerts. You can review past alerts, disable or enable them.


The following video shows how to create an alert for MACD Buy/Sell crossover signals for ADA coin.


The following video shows how to create an alert for price levels, change in price:


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