Fresh bullish EMA crossover

1 min read March 23, 2022
Richard Fetyko

Fresh bullish EMA crossover

Fresh bullish EMA crossover


In our new video, we highlight AVAX, SNX, DASH among coins with Fresh bullish EMA crossover. This is a simple but powerful trend trading strategy that we teach in our Trading Education course




You can find all coins with a recent bullish EMA crossover on our Market Highlights dashboard: Fresh Bullish Crossover (EMA 12/50).

This is a simple yet powerful trend trading strategy. Find a trend and ride it for big gains. Moving averages are used to spot trends.

Bullish Exponential Moving Average (EMA) crossover occurs when a short-term EMA (e.g. 12 day) crosses above the long-term EMA (e.g. 50 day).

This market screen finds coins where EMA 12 recently (last 2 days) crossed above EMA 50 and Price is above EMA 12.

Trading rules:

  • Buy when EMA 12 crosses above EMA 50 and Price is above EMA 12
  • Sell when EMA 12 crosses below EMA 50 or when
  • Price crosses below EMA 12
  • Place a Stop Loss order (or Alert) below the prior low


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