New strategy filters and features

2 min read October 8, 2020
Richard Fetyko

New strategy filters and features

altFINS is constantly adding new features and improvements to make your trading more efficient and profitable. 

Recently, we have added four new strategy filters to our Signals Summary page.  Think of these filters as trading strategy blocks, that help you get started with finding trading opportunities.  Some are trend following strategies, others are swing trading situations.

  • Pullback in Up / Down Trend. This is a trend following strategy. Pullbacks can often provide opportunities to jump on an established trend.
  • Momentum & Up / Down Trend. Another trend following strategy, this screen looks for coins in a long-term uptrend and a recent bullish momentum upswing.
  • Momentum. This screen looks for coins with momentum, regardless of trend direction. Could be used for swing trading.
  • Range in Up / Down Trend. Range-bound trading is a swing trading strategy that seeks to identify and capitalize on coins trading in price channels.

We have recently published results for these strategy filters in our blog (and we’ll send an update again soon).

Watch a quick video tutorial (3 mins) about these strategy screens:


Show filters in charts.  This is another useful improvement we’ve added recently to our Screener.  When you create a custom screen (filter), you can add that filter’s indicators (RSI, MACD, CCI, SMA, etc.) to Grid Charts simply by selecting “Show Filter on Chart” from the Show on Chart + drop-down menu. See illustration below.