Cryptocurrency news – how to find upcoming coin listings?

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4 min read December 25, 2020
Richard Fetyko

Cryptocurrency news - how to find upcoming coin listings?

Cryptocurrency news: (1INCH) coin listed on exchanges yesterday.  How did I know?

The short story is that I found it on altFINS’ Twitter news and events section which aggregates tweets from over 1,500 cryptocurrency projects into a single, real-time feed.

The long story is that I woke up at about 2am CET, unable to sleep.  Guess all that merlot, cookies, whatsapp wishing with friends and xmas gift exchanging last night left me too wired to get a shuteye.

It was dumb luck, but I checked my crypto portfolio on altFINS’ dashboard and noticed a tweet about 1INCH coin listing on OKex exchange:

cryptocurrency news

That got my attention cause I’m familiar with 1inch DEX aggregator tool.  1inch aggregates prices from decentralized exchanges (DEX) like Uniswap and Balancer, and finds the best price across DEXes for users.  It’s a great tool for trading those early and risky startup DeFi projects before they get listed on major CEX (centralized exchanges) like Binance and Coinbase.

Surely everyone is by now familiar with the “Coinbase effect”, whereby prices of coins that get listed on Coinbase typically dramatically rise in price.  In fact, prices rise even before the actual listing on major exchanges, merely on announcements of upcoming listings.  This is true, albeit to a lesser extend, with any exchange listing, especially the initial ones or the major ones (Binance, Coinbase, Kraken).

Traders and investors can get ahead of such listings by searching in altFINS’ Twitter news and events section where we aggregate cryptocurrency news and events from over 2,500 projects into a single, real-time feed. 

Traders can easily search this feed for keywords like “listing” or other major news events such as “AMA” (ask me anything sessions), “mainnet” launches, etc.  See 1 min video below.

For example, here’s a recent article and tutorial video on How to find and trade airdrops.

So, in the news section you can  find most recent news from many sources.  Such as Crypto daily, Crypto Briefing, Cointelegraph and much more. You can select your favorite medium or coin and read all day long.

Here are the news resources which you can find on altFINS platform.

And not only by reading the most important news can you be “at the right time in the right place”, but also spying the Crypto events can give you a trading inspiration.

On altFINS platform events section you can choose categories, such as:

      • Road map update.
      • White paper update.
      • Release.
      • Dev. update.
      • Airdrop.
      • Community.
      • Conference.
      • AMA.
      • Tokenomic.
      • Branding.
      • Exchange.
      • Partnership.
      • Fork/Swap.


Or you can just filter  according the name of coins.

I know all of us have favorite coins, or there are coins that can grow bigger. So why don’t make a watchlist of these coins? 

Because the other great tool altFINS has is that you can receive summary email about coin in your watchlist once per day/ or week.

It is my first thing in the morning, reading all news about coins in my watchlist. So I can react quickly and trade as soon as there is a potential of profit.


Check out this 1 min video on how to use altFINS’ Twitter news feed.





Check our blog for analyses of other top 50 altcoins as well as our automated chart pattern recognition for fresh trading ideas.  Also, during corrections in the market, it’s always good to revisit coins in an Uptrend but with a pullback.  Our Signals Summary has this and other pre-defined filters ready for action.

Now you can read Twitter and other Breaking news and Crypto events on altFINS Mobile app! Download it and stay on top of all crypto trading ideas!

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