Cryptocurrency Price Analysis – week 10 and YTD (2021)

2 min read March 15, 2021
Richard Fetyko

Cryptocurrency Price Analysis - week 10 and YTD (2021)

Cryptocurrency Price Analysis – week 10 and YTD, 2021

Last week, cryptocurrency prices continued their march higher, with most of top 50 coins by market cap ending the week in the green (see chart), coat tailing BTC’s rebound to ATH (~ $60K).

Crypto markets are likely to go sideways for a few weeks, consolidating massive gains from early 2021 period. Consolidation areas in an Uptrend often show up as Triangles (symmetrical, descending or ascending) or sideways channels.

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Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) were up 16.4% and 7.8% (versus prior week’s 10.2% and 18.7%), respectively, recovering all of the loses and returning to their ATH.

Read our technical analysis of top coins under Curated Charts section.

Cryptocurrency Weekly performance top 50 market cap



Decentralized Finance (DeFi) – Total Value Locked (TVL) increased by 12.4% last week to $43.1B, near its peak of $45.5B (Feb 2021) but is still up 175% YTD.

 DeFi crypto trading prices were up modestly as total DeFi category market cap increased 2.5% last week and is up 303% YTD (i.e. ~ 4x).

DeFi Total Value Locked


Source: DeFiPulse

DeFi cryptocurrency weekly performanceSource:

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