What to do in crypto messy market?

2 min read January 7, 2022
Richard Fetyko

What to do in crypto messy market?

Overall, crypto market is now reaching very oversold levels (RSI < 30) and near critical and robust support zones.

Hence, we are overdue for a relief rally.

What can a trader do?

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In order of most conservative to most aggressive:

1) Wait for uptrends to re-establish.  You will not catch the bottom and you may need to wait for a while for trends to really make a turn, but it’s a valid strategy because trading with the trend has higher success rates.

2) Wait for a bounce to indicate we found a support,at least temporarily. Watch for momentum shift [MACD Histogram uptick – using H2].  See tutorial video.

3) Look for coins that are still trading up or already bouncing – indication of fundamental demand drivers: ATOM, LINK… [look for Price % above 0] 

4) Pick places for a swing trade – either oversold or pullback in uptrend [look for RSI < 40 or even < 30 for oversold situations (see video tutorial), due for a bounce.

5) Short-Sell to hedge your risk and balance out your Buys. This is a skill that we teach in our Education course and demonstrated in videos (here and here).  After a relief rally, trader could short coins that are in a Downtrend but have bounced up.

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