Short Selling the Bounce (LINK, THETA, BCH) and how to create a Market Neutral book

2 min read July 2, 2021
Richard Fetyko

Short Selling the Bounce (LINK, THETA, BCH) and how to create a Market Neutral book

Following a bounce in altcoins that lasted a few days, crypto market is rolling over again, providing interesting Short Selling opportunities.

In this video, using real trades on Binance with LINK, THETA and BCH coins, we demonstrate:

1. How to create a “Market Neutral” book or portfolio with Short and Long positions, so that a sudden big move in the market won’t dramatically affect the expected outcome.

2. How to time Short Sell positions by identifying a downtrend, rejection at a resistance level or break below a support level, and/or a bearish inflection in momentum (MACD Histogram bars).

Traders must adjust to changes in cycle phases.  In a Downtrend, looking for long (buying) opportunities is like looking for a needle in a haystack and buying dips is like catching a falling knife, it’s swimming upstream.  The odds are against it.

Rule #1 in trading is “don’t fight the trend, trend is your friend, always trade with the trend”.  

What can a trader do to make money in a downtrend? Short Sell.  

That means doing the opposite of what we’d do in an uptrend. While in Uptrend, we buy dips, in a Downtrend, we Sell bounces.

In order for traders to be more versatile in any market, one must learn to Short Sell.

What’s Short Selling? Normally, traders buy low then sell high. Now reverse that – Sell high then Buy lower.

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