IOTX – Ascending Triangle reaching pinnacle

2 min read April 10, 2021
Richard Fetyko

IOTX - Ascending Triangle reaching pinnacle

IOTX  – Ascending Triangle approaching pinnacle

Our automated chart pattern recognition has detected a potential bullish formation for IOTX.

Price has been consolidating in an Ascending Triangle, which is a bullish continuation pattern, meaning it typically breaks out in the direction of an existing trend (IOTX is in an uptrend).

And the triangle is reaching a pinnacle – hence a breakout is forthcoming near term.

How to trade this pattern?

1. Trend traders wait for a breakout through the triangle resistance level @ $0.06.  Here’s a quick video on how to create a price alert.

2. Swing traders buy support and sell resistance trendline.


This pattern is “emerging“, meaning it has not broken out yet.

You can also search for “completed” patterns with breakout.

IOTX ascending triangle chart pattern1

IOTX ascending triangle chart pattern1


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