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2 min read July 8, 2022
Lenka Fetyko

Discover trading ideas with altFINS

Review of  several Curated Charts (technical analysis) and also coins with Early Bullish Momentum inflection



Watch video where altFINS CEO Richard Fetyko explains technical analysis of coins: ROSE, DOGE, SAND and LINK


Technical analysis 08.07.2022

TA of Polygon (MATIC): up 60% since June lows ~ $0.30 and just made a Higher Low…early signs of trend reversal?



TA of Oasis Network (ROSE): trading sideways around $0.05 for nearly 2 months…building a base for a move up?


TA of Doge Coin (DOGE): On the verge of bullishly breaking out from Channel Down…keep an eye on $0.07 horizontal resistance level which lines up with Channel’s resistance trendline.


TA of SandBox (SAND): Bullish breakout from Falling Wedge. Near-term trend turns bullish. Could reach $1.50 resistance (up 50% since breakout) but that’s a stiff level. If it breaks above that, it would signal trend reversal.


TA of ChainLink (LINK): On the verge of bullishly breaking out from a Falling Wedge pattern, which could signal trend reversal and likely move the price to $8 resistance level.

TA of Stellar (XLM): Reaching the pinnacle of Descending Triangle. Typically, this pattern results in downside breakout (bearish), which would mean below $0.10. Let’s wait and see.


TA of AAVE: Trading in a Falling Wedge and nearing a pinnacle. Hence, breakout (bullish or bearish) is approaching. A bullish breakout could signal trend reversal and push the price up to $100 or so.


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