altFINS Launched DEX Aggregator

2 min read June 12, 2023
Lenka Fetyko

altFINS Launched DEX Aggregator

Dear altFINS members,

At altFINS, we understand the struggle of navigating the complex world of cryptocurrency trading. That’s why we created an altFINS platform for traders and investors to access a wealth of valuable data, insights, and analytics.

With our customizable crypto screener screens, signal summaries and chart patterns, our platform empowers users to follow their trading strategy with ease. And with almost 3,000 cryptocurrencies to choose from, our users can uncover hidden gems and seize opportunities.

As the crypto market becomes more regulated, our journey has led us into the exciting world of DeFi. We recognized the growing need for DEX and DEX aggregators and responded with a powerful solution. Our DEX aggregator comes complete with charting, analytics, portfolio tracking, and CEX integration, giving our users more control over their assets. 

altFINS is an excellent tool for those trading on CEXs who want to venture into DEX trading. But it’s also a perfect tool for advanced crypto traders looking into smart DEX trading. Not only is it simple and smart but it’s also safe and transparent. We at altFINS are dedicated to promoting the education and adoption of DeFi. 

Join us on our journey towards revolutionizing the crypto space with altFINS. Discover all altFINS DEX aggregator’s features and advantages