Crypto Affiliate Program

3 min read November 22, 2021
Richard Fetyko

Crypto Affiliate Program

Join altFINS Crypto Affiliate Referral Program and earn recurring income!

altFINS is a cloud-based crypto analysis platform that allows retail and institutional traders to scan, analyze and trade thousands of digital assets. altFINS helps crypto traders discover profitable trading ideas and strategies across exchanges. The platform enables active investors in crypto markets to aggregate data and news, analyze altcoins, monitor portfolios, and make informed trading decisions. Join altFINS Crypto Affiliate Referral Program and earn recurring income!

altFINS is looking for anyone who aligns with our mission and values to promote our platform and content.  Help us share our content and spread the word about crypto in your community.

Why you should join altFINS referral program?

  • altFINS is a valuable crypto analytics platform- you can share a trading ideas, charts, news, analysis with your friends and followers, they will appreciate that.
  • Commission rate is high (20%).
  • You will get  lifetime recurring commissions.

Watch short video, how to become an Affiliate.

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Additional information

Who can become an Affiliate?

  • Anyone. You don’t have to run a blog or website. You don’t even have to be a user or subscriber at altFINS, though it helps if you understand the platform’s value proposition.

How do I invite new users?

  • Sign up for an affiliate account (instant approval) and generate a referral link. Share your unique referral link with your friends, family, blog readers, etc.

Are there any joining fees?

  • No, it’s completely free to join and you won’t pay any fees. In fact, you’ll have a chance to earn fees.

When are earning paid out?

  • On the first Monday of each month. Minimum earnings for payout must reach $25.

How long will I ear the recurring subscription fees?

  • For as long as the referred subscriber remains a paying customer.
  • For monthly subscription plans, Affiliates are paid each month a 20% commission as long as the subscriber continues to pay.
  • For annual subscription plans, affiliates are paid each year a 20% commission, upfront in a lump sum after the payment goes through.

How long is your cookie life?

  • We use 30 day cookie expiration. However, if you refer a user that creates even a free registration account with altFINS, you will get credit for his subscription payment no matter when it happens (even after the 30 day cookie expiration). We assign that user to your Affiliate account and you will earn a recurring commission (20%) for the lifetime of that paying customer.

How much can I earn?

  • There’s no cap on earnings. You earn 20% of all subscription payments made by your referrals.

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