altFINS officially launches its crypto analytics web app

2 min read August 24, 2020

altFINS officially launches its crypto analytics web app

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of altFINS. Crypto traders can now easily find trading ideas, screen over 1,000 coins and 4,000 pairs to find major trends and chart patterns, and monitor their portfolios and performance across multiple exchanges.

While many of the existing market players have focused on trade execution (exchanges, brokers, OTC desks, trading tools), altFINS’ emphasis, on the other hand, is on pre-trade and post-trade analytics.  In layman’s terms, altFINS helps traders find trading ideas (crypto screener, chart patterns, crypto trading signals, news) and understand their trading performance across multiple crypto exchanges. It also educates traders using its extensive online knowledge base and video tutorials.

altFINS is the only platform that offers a combination of

  1. Real-time price data and analytics
  2. Coin Screener using technical indicators (> 60 analytics)
  3. Automated chart pattern recognition
  4. Twitter news feed from hundreds of crypto projects
  5. Portfolio tracking
  6. Trading across multiple exchanges with unified order management
  7. Clean, ad-free user interface

altFINS addresses several pain points for traders and investors:

  1. Crypto markets are highly fragmented with over 1,000 unique digital assets traded across 300 crypto exchanges in existence
  2. Data, information, analytics, and content sources are also very fragmented
  3. Lack of robust tools for investment analysis (pre- and post-trade)
  4. Massive data / analytics challenge