altFINS secures fresh capital in seed-funding for global expansion

4 min read July 31, 2020

altFINS secures fresh capital in seed-funding for global expansion

altFINS, cloud based crypto-assets information and trading platform enabling investors and traders to screen, analyze and trade digital assets, raised over €1 million in seed-funding led by CB Investment Management. altFINS will use this fresh capital to further expand its platform’s capabilities and scalability, allowing even more private and institutional investors to make well informed investment decisions and gain exposure to digital assets.

altFINS represents a comprehensive, yet intuitive platform that enables investors and active traders to aggregate data and news, analyze altcoins, and find and execute trade ideas while monitoring their portfolios of digital assets across exchanges. Crypto markets are highly fragmented with over 1,000 unique digital assets traded across 300 crypto exchanges. With existing market players focused mainly on trade execution (exchanges, brokers, OTC desks, trading tools) altFINS’ emphasis on pre-trade and post-trade analytics helps traders generate trading ideas and understand their performance across multiple crypto exchanges.

Richard Fetyko, founder of altFINS says: “Immediately following our first interactions, it was clear that CB Investment Management team recognizes the long-term potential of this new asset class and the disruptive nature of underlying blockchain technology. We welcome an investor that shares our vision and gives us the trust and full support needed to achieve our expansion goals.”

altFINS brings an innovative approach to much-needed transparency to the growing digital assets market. A platform that combines trade idea discovery and execution with fundamental analysis is truly unique in the crypto trading space. altFINS has found a void at the market that suffers from lack of high-quality tools for investment analytics and fails to address the need for professional digital assets management infrastructure at the same time. We believe in the strong growth potential of altFINS on a global scale, especially now in an era of financial uncertainty in the traditional markets,” says Dano Gašpar, partner of CB Investment Management, seed investment fund manager investing in young Slovak companies with international potential.

Since Bitcoin launched in 2009, the digital assets class has gone through a few cycles in valuation terms, but the long-term trend in global adoption is undeniable. Richard Fetyko adds: “We estimate that there are around 50 million crypto investors today and we believe that crypto will continue to gain an allocation in most investors’ portfolios, particularly among millennials and the digital native generation Z. altFINS will be there to guide them along the investment path and help them to achieve their wealth management goals.”

 Recent survey by Fidelity of almost 800 institutional investors across the U.S. and Europe, revealed that digital assets are gaining in favorability and appeal amongst institutional investors, with almost 80% of investors surveyed finding something appealing about the asset class. At the same time 36% of respondents say they are currently invested in digital assets, and 6 out of 10 believe digital assets have a place in their investment portfolio.


About altFINS:

altFINS is a cloud-based platform that enables investors and active traders to screen, analyze and trade digital assets across exchanges. The platform ingests real-time, tick-level data from exchanges and calculates 60 technical indicators (analytics) such as SMA, EMA, MACD, and RSI, across 7 time intervals. These complex time series data and analytics are managed by a proprietary data management system. As a result, the platform enables the screening of altcoins using technical indicators and automated chart pattern recognition, helping traders discover trade ideas. altFINS also enables trade execution, portfolio tracking and performance monitoring.

About CB Investment Management:

CB Investment Management is managing a EUR 23m seed investment fund financed by the Slovak Investment Holding and its own funds, investing in early-stage Slovak companies with an international profile. Companies of a maximum age of 3 to 5 years can get investments from a few hundred thousand up to EUR 1.6m. Additionally, the companies can tap into additional capital together with knowledge, experience and network of 3,000 private investors of Crowdberry, the largest alternative investment platform in Slovakia and Czechia. CB Investment Management is a 100% subsidiary of Crowdberry.