Oversold coins (RSI) near support levels

1 min read February 25, 2022
Richard Fetyko

Oversold coins (RSI) near support levels

How to find oversold coins (RSI) near support levels


In today’s video, we provide an update on crypto market and demonstrate how to find oversold coins (RSI) near support levels and improving momentum (MACD).


We discuss ADA, ALGO, ONE, KSM, CRV.


Here are two custom market screeners we created:

1. Oversold (RSI < 30) — see results

2. Nearly Oversold (RSI < 35) and improving momentum (MACD Histogram rising) — see results

You can save those two screeners and reuse them in future.


These coins could be good candidates for a tactical swing trade.

We pair that up with our Curated Charts to identify potential buying zones.

We teach this trading strategy in Lesson 5 (see notes) of our Trading Education program (10 webinars covering 7 trading strategies and risk management).

Important: This is not financial advice. Trade at your own risk!


Oversold Near Support Areas: Binance (BNB)

Nearly Oversold And Improving Momentum



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