Coins breaking above 200D MA Resistance

1 min read January 17, 2022
Richard Fetyko

Coins breaking above 200D MA Resistance

In today’s video, we show how to find coins that recent broke above their 200-day moving average (200D MA) resistance. We also discuss BNB, ADA, and KAVA.

200D MA is often used as a major resistance or support area. Notice how prices often respect this level, especially when lines up with another resistance indication.

Case in point: Binance (BNB)

Price is trading in a Channel Down pattern. The channel resistance trendline and the horizontal resistance zone both lined up at $500. That makes it a stiff resistance area and it’s the level that BNB needs to conquer to break out of Channel Down. You can create an alert for that (here’s how).

You can find similar trade setups in our Curated Charts section for top 40 coins.


Finding coins that have just broken above their 200D MA is often a good starting point. Such a bullish crossover can be indicative of an early trend reversal. This screen produced the following results:

Watch video for explainer.