Crypto performance week 32

2 min read August 16, 2022
Lenka Fetyko

Crypto performance week 32

Crypto Markets Resume Uptrend!

July CPI was lower than expected at 8.5%, which pushed crypto prices higher again. Bull Market has Resumed. Inflation eased despite strong labor market and it signals that FED will not have to be as aggressive in raising rates on its next monetary policy meeting in September.

Crypto performance

Best performing coins last week were HEX (+31.8%), SHIB (+29.6%), CHZ (+14.1%) and the worst were THETA (-9.9%), MKR (-9.9%) and APE (-12.5%) among top 50 coins by market cap.

Bitcoin was up +4.7% and Ethereum +12.1%. Ethereum completed a final testnet transition to proof-of-stake and the big Merge is now scheduled on September 15 or 16.
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We see many breakouts…

We see many breakouts…

What does a breakout mean? When price of coins does break out, it can represent a significant change in sentiment. Breakouts happen when price has broken through the support or resistance line.

These are setups that are ready for trading. Breakouts are simple trades; you go with the breakout direction and the target level.

Check out coins with breakouts in Curated chart section.

Breaking crypto news of last week

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