altFINS Roadmap 2022

2 min read January 27, 2022
Richard Fetyko

altFINS Roadmap 2022

altFINS Roadmap 2022


altFINS platform is already today a fully functioning product that is heavily used by active traders and investors. However, our product journey has just begun.  We have big plans to expand and enhance the platform in four key areas: Analytics, Marketplace, Trading & Portfolio and Mobile. Here is altFINS Roadmap 2022:



AFINS token is an utility and rewards token that will become an integral part of altFINS ecosystem.
By HODLing AFINS tokens our users have free access to altFINS Basic, Essential and Premium plan. 

AFINS TOKEN TO SPARK A FLYWHEEL EFFECT. The intention of AFINS token launch is to stimulate adoption of altFINS platform among crypto community. By rewarding our community for the use and contribution to the platform, the community awareness and utility value of the platform will grow, attracting additional users.

Growing user base and fee revenues should drive more demand for AFINS token through staking and buy-backs / burns, which could exert upward pressure on token price, further rewarding our community and ecosystem.

The AFINS Rewards Program will incentivize platform adoption, content contribution, usage and enhancement. Platform users, content contributors, brand ambassadors and token holders will all have certain benefits in the ecosystem including:

  • Platform access
  • Marketplace access
  • Priority access to new features
  • Trade mining
  • Referral mining
  • Enhance and Earn
  • Learn and Earn
  • Token buyback and burns

Community-Driven Research Marketplace

In 2022, altFINS will launch a Community-Driven Research Marketplace. There is a dire need for research coverage of the growing list of altcoins. Centralized research providers cannot keep up. Instead, our Research Marketplace will empower and reward all users to contribute their research and insights. Both, contributors and readers will need to stake AFINS to participate in the Marketplace. This will align participants’ interests to benefit the entire investor community and create a more equitable mechanism for users to share in the value their create.



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