How to get AVAX and USDC to MetaMask wallet?

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How to get AVAX and USDC to MetaMask wallet?

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1. You can buy AFINS on Traderjoe DEX using AVAX or USDC

2. First, Buy AVAX and USDC on centralized exchanges (CEX), such as Binace, Coinbase, etc.

3. How much AVAX and USDC will you need?   You will need enough AVAX or USDC to buy 1,000 or 2,000 or 3,000 AFINS and gain access to Basic, Essential or Premium plans.  You can check the price of AFINS here.  So if the price of AFINS is $0.20, you’ll need 200 USDC to buy 1,000 AFINS (200/0.20=1,000) and so on.  If you want to buy AFINS with AVAX, you’ll need sufficient AVAX amount.

4. You also need little AVAX to cover transaction fees…perhaps 0.5 AVAX 

5. Make sure you have set up Avalanche network on your Metamask wallet

6. Send (withdraw) AVAX and USDC from CEX to your MetaMask wallet.  

When withdrawing AVAX, be sure to indicate AVAX C-Chain Network (see below):

7.  If you’re buying AFINS with AVAX, then you’re done.  If you’re buying AFINS with USDC, you’ll need to bridge USDC from Ethernet network to Avalanche network.  Here’s how.