Does altFINS has tokens?

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Does altFINS has tokens?

altFINS launched AFINS token, an utility and reward token in fair launch.

AFINS are based on Avalanche protocol. HODL AFINS Tokens and get instant access to altFINS Basic, Essential or Premium plan. There are no lock-ups, no extra fees. You can buy AFINS directly on altFINS or on Trader Joe, DEX. You can sell AFINS anytime on Trader Joe’s.

Find AFINS token by clicking on drop down list and inserting AFINS contract address: 0xB648fA7A5f5ED3b3c743140346E3Dc3Fe94a9125

It’s a great opportunity to have access to chart patterns, crypto screener, technical analysis, research, education and more valuable data about more than 2000 cryptocurrencies.You will not spend any money, because when you decide to sell AFINS you should get the same amount of money back as you spent by purchasing AFINS tokens. From fair launch the price of AFINS is still around $0.2! No pump and dumps, just a great way how to use tokens in the crypto market.

Read more about AFINS tokenomics and utility of AFINS tokens.

You can also download the Whitepaper and the Presentation.