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AFINS is a utility token that gives altFINS platform users several benefits

1. How to buy AFINS?

To buy AFINS on DEX please follow the steps below:


Watch video How to  buy AFINS tokens


2. How to find AFINS on Trader Joe?

Find AFINS token by clicking on drop down list and inserting AFINS contract address: 0xB648fA7A5f5ED3b3c743140346E3Dc3Fe94a9125


3. How to verify AFINS balance to get FREE access to altFINS platform?

Follow the step by step guide here.


4. How many AFINS do I need to get access to altFINS platform?

To become altFINS lifetime member you just need to HODL AFINS tokens:

  • 1000 AFINS for Basics plan
  • 2000 AFINS for Essential plan
  • 3000 AFINS for Premium plan


5. Where can I see a price chart of AFINS?

Visit Dex screener:


6. Do I pay with AFINS?

No you don’t pay with AFINS, you only HODL AFINS to get lifetime access!


7. How can I earn AFINS?

AFINS rewards program details are coming soon.


8. Was there a presale or private sale?

No presale, no private sale, no sale. This is a Fair Launch! Watch a read about AFINS Fair Launch Manifesto.


9. Where I can see the whitepaper and presentation?

You can download the whitepaper and presentation here.