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AFINS is a utility token that gives altFINS platform users several benefits

1. How to buy AFINS?

You can now buy AFINS tokens directly on the platform and pay with USDT, USDC, DAI, BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC among others.

You can simply send a crypto payment  (USDT, USDC, DAI, etc.) from any exchange or a wallet and you receive AFINS in return.

Here is step by step guide:

  1. Go to the Pricing page and select the plan you want:
  2. Click on Buy with Crypto.
  3. Fill in your e-mail address used on altFINS platform.
  4. Pick cryptocurrency you want to use for payment.
  5. Copy the unique payment address.
  6. Send the payment from your exchange or wallet to the unique payment address – be sure to use Ethereum network.
  7. After you confirm you will see a confirmation page and receive a confirmation e-mail.
  8. Your plan will be upgraded to an appropriate plan and we will send you AFINS tokens.
  9. Please note that you also need to verify your wallet (like Metamask) on altFINS platform so we can send you your AFINS tokens.


Or you can buy AFINS on Trader Joe. To buy AFINS on DEX please follow the steps below:


Watch video How to  buy AFINS tokens


2. How to find AFINS on Trader Joe?

Find AFINS token by clicking on drop down list and inserting AFINS contract address: 0xB648fA7A5f5ED3b3c743140346E3Dc3Fe94a9125


3. How to verify AFINS balance to get FREE access to altFINS platform?

Follow the step by step guide here.


4. How many AFINS do I need to get access to altFINS platform?

To become altFINS lifetime member you just need to HODL AFINS tokens:

  • 1000 AFINS for Basics plan
  • 2000 AFINS for Essential plan
  • 3000 AFINS for Premium plan


5. Where can I see a price chart of AFINS?

Visit CoinMarketCap:


6. Do I pay with AFINS?

No you don’t pay with AFINS, you only HODL AFINS to get lifetime access!


7. How can I earn AFINS?

AFINS rewards program details are coming soon.


8. Was there a presale or private sale?

No presale, no private sale, no sale. This is a Fair Launch! Watch a read about AFINS Fair Launch Manifesto.


9. Where I can see the whitepaper and presentation?

You can download the whitepaper and presentation here.



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